The Iron Curtain Museum, a history of the lives and people of the cold war.
Preivously The Cold War Museum but an American Museum of the same name has actually trademarked the name and to save any fuss we have decided to change the name to The Iron Curtain Museum.  Sorry for the confusion...
A trip through some of our  most dangerous years.
Museum Services
Hire a vehicle for your special event.
Special Occasion hire
Many of our vehicles are available for hire.  Whatever your special day, hire a museum vehicle for your special event.  Arrive in that unusual vehicle to make your mark.  See below for vehicle types.  All monies goes to keeping the Museum alive.
The museum will be applying for licences for dance and party events including weddings in the future.  So watch this space for more information.  You can hire a vehicle, in future have your wedding, event or party  in the museum and then party through the night on the dance floor for a wonderful and unusual evening.  
  1. Ferret
    Single seat, ideal for that unusual arrival. The 4 ton Alvis Ferret armoured scout car, is fast and agile with 4 wheel drive, armed with a browning .30 inch machine gun for self protection. Only a replica one in ours though. Ideal for the groom to arrive in..not so elegant an entry or exit for the Bride...
  2. Green Goddess
    Yes, this can handle up to 7 people for that party outing. Lovely old girl and can motor along at 50mph. (scary at that speed, but we can toddle along at 40 happily.) No sirens as they are illegal but we can turn on the blue lights when off the highway.
  3. Kraz, very big and USSR
    This is the big machine. Impressive to turn up at your prom in this, She can carry upto 20 people (more really but insurance and 'elf and safety' limited) She needs a lot of turning space and if your car will just fit this wont its 2.7m wide. Now fully restored with 8 seats in the back.
  4. FV432
    Now for something very unusual. Turn up in a tank, its not really a tank, but its tracked, its big and it looks great. Can take upto 8 people. short journeys recommended as it is not the quietest or most relaxing of vehicles to ride in. Not easy in small spaces so plenty of room needed at the pickup and drop off points
  5. FV603 stalwart
    Our special Alvis stalwart, she is a full swimmer so you could arrive by water if its available. (not in the sea, salt water kills them) upto 20 people on board. again short journeys only, less than 20 miles.
  6. Ural..big and Very USSR
    the ural, a big Ukrainian truck, very capable off road and a lovely truck to drive. enclosed back but great to arrive in with loads of your friends. Newly Painted and looking very smart.
  7. Zil 131
    that truck again...can carry upto 8 people, not the most comfortable so recommended for short journeys, seats are soon to be fitted to improve the safety and comfort of passengers. Newly painted and looking very smart.